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Our Process
Step 1:
Trained technicians connect a 12" vacuum hose to the main trunkline of your duct work, near the furnace, and each register is blocked off, creating a vacuum throughout the duct system.
Step 2:
Each vent is cleaned using compressed air at 200 psi and compressed air nozzles or "skipper balls" that agitate and force the debris down towards the vacuum, into the main trunkline. As the cleaning is being done, all of the dirt and debris removed is taken into a special intake bin in our machine and trapped there and is not allowed to escape back into your home.
Step 3:
After all the upstairs vents are clean, we move to the basement and clean the main trunkline in the same manner as just described.
Step 4:
Then the blower unit, fan assembly, filter or air cleaner, plenum, and return air handling side are all cleaned.
Step 5:
An anti-microbial, EPA-approved sanitizer and deodorant is sprayed down through the duct system and pulled all the way through your duct work by the vacuum machine. This sanitizer slows the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria throughout the duct system.
Step 6:
Finally, we hand wash, with soap and water, all of the register covers before putting them back on.